Home School Registration
Registration Includes:
Bell Choir, Field Trips, Week of Prayer, and participation in school activities (ie: field day, picnic, community service days, etc.)
The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist schools in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference is to provide quality education in a spiritual setting for the students enrolled. It is also a goal to be of service to the communities in the area of our schools. One of the ways the schools may provide service is to permit home school students to participate in certain activities, programs, or classes at the school.
This form is to be used to register the home school student when involved with school activities. One form must be completed for each home school student.
Parents agree to the following stipulations:
1. Parents will pay a fee to the school to purchase student accident insurance: $150 per student. This covers all field trip fees, insurance, and a field trip shirt. It will also put you on the list to received letters, texts, and emails about additional activities or new information.
2. Parent’s supervision of their child may be requested by the school to assist in supervision during the activities, programs, or classes.
3. Parents will be required to accompany their child on any off campus field trips.
4. The school assumes no responsibility for the home school child outside of the scope of the activities, programs, or classes in which the child is registered to participate.
Student Name_________________________________________Birthdate________________________
I have read and agree to the stipulations above. I recognize that the student accident insurance only covers my child during school-sponsored activities.
Parent Signature_________________________________________________Date_________________