Q: How much is the PFE scholarship?
A: Students in the PFE program receive $25 per hourly visit.

Q: How do we get this money?
A: The money is added directly to the child's school account once the weekly online form is filled out.

Q: Can more than one of my children participate in the program?
A: Yes. Up to two children per family can participate in the program. But each child must spend 1 hour with their mentor.

Q: How do the mentors become part of the PFE program?
A: Mentors are from Cookeville and other neighboring communities. They have requested to join the program, or have been referred by a local pastor, school family, or church member. Each mentor has met with our program coordinatator individually and has submitted an application that has been approved.

Q: What will my child do with/for their mentor?
A: The time spent during each visit with the the mentor can be spent in a number of ways, depending on your child's ability and the comfort level and the mentor's needs and comfort level. The PFE program was specifically designed to foster intergenerational relationships, so ideally, each visit will contain some element that works towards that goal.

Q: Do I need to stay with my student through the whole visit?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I apply?
A: One of the teachers can give you the correct forms to fill out.

Q: What are the requirements that I and my child need to meet to be approved?
A: You must have access to a computer and be willing to commit to spending one hour per week with the mentor. There is currently a waiting list for applicants. But if you are interested, please fill out the application and when an opening becomes available, we will contact you.