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Algood Christian Elementary






A Seventh-day Adventist Christian K-8 Elementary School


2660 Highway 111 North

Algood, TN 38506

Phone: 931-537-3561

Fax: 931-854-0259




ACE is operated primarily for the benefit of all Seventh-day Adventist families in the local area. However, other students of good character may be admitted by the school board upon application if there is available space and all other requirements are met as outlined in this handbook. Admission to ACE is a privilege and may be withheld or withdrawn by the school at its discretion.


No discrimination on the basis of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin is made in regard to education policies, admission, or any of the school activities.


Admission Requirements

-A child must be at least five years of age by Aug. 15 to enroll in kindergarten.

-A child must be at least six years of age by Aug. 15 to enroll in the first grade.

-State-certified birth certificate

-Physical examinations

-Legal verification of immunizations (physician’s signature)

-Latest report card (new students)

-Completed forms as part of the application packets from the school office

-Registration will not be allowed unless the previous year’s debts are paid, or

arrangements have been made

-3 references: at least one of which will need to be from a previous academic setting, and the other two references preferably from a pastor and/or non-family member.


All new students and parents, and/or guardians, must interview with the teacher prior to admittance, and, once admitted, will be on a one year probationary status.


Applicants will not be allowed to attend classes until all admission requirements have been completed and the student has been approved by the school board.


General Information



ACE is bound by state law to maintain accurate attendance records.


One of our goals at ACE is to train students in the importance of punctuality and regular attendance. Students who enter the classroom late disrupt the educational process and practice poor life habits. Students who are not in regular attendance may jeopardize their enrollment and promotion to the next grade.


Absences for medical and legal appointments involving a student, sickness, religious reasons and/or death in the family are considered excusable. Classwork missed must be satisfactorily made up. A student who misses more than 20 percent of the school days in any period (including excused absences) may forfeit his/her grade for that period.


A parent/guardian requesting that an absence be excused is to provide, upon return to school, a written note for the teacher. The note must contain the student’s name, date, reason for the absence, and the parent’s/guardian’s signature. The principal will determine if the absence is to be excused. If there was a doctor’s visit, please include note from doctor’s office with appropriate signature(s).

Students who are not in their classroom by 8:00 A.M. will be marked tardy for that day. Students must remain at the school until dismissed at 3:00 P.M.


Field Trips

Field trips and outings will occasionally be scheduled, of which parents will be notified.

A signed permission slip from the parents must be on file for each student before the student is permitted to go. Students must wear the designated field trip shirt unless otherwise notified.


Field trips are possible only as transportation is available. At times parents may be needed to help with transportation. Parents who are willing to drive need to have a Volunteer Drivers’ Questionnaire filled out, a copy of their current driver’s license, and a copy of their insurance coverage on file at the school office.



Minimal accident insurance coverage is provided for each child and is paid for through the initial registration fee. Personal property loss is not covered. All students are covered by insurance on the school premises or when on school trips accompanied by school personnel. Insurance covers students from the time they leave home until they return.


Brochures located in the office offer detailed information.


Lifestyle Recommendations

Teachers and parents should work together for the development of right character in the children. With this in mind, we strongly encourage the following:

- Daily family worship

- Entertainment that is in harmony with Biblical principles

- Good health through adequate rest, a wholesome diet, exercise, plenty of water, and good hygiene (bathing, use of deodorants, brushing of teeth and hair)

- Positive attitudes


Media Release Form and Student Pictures

ACE requests that a Media Release Form be filled out as part of the registration paperwork. This gives authorization for us to use a student’s picture for school publication purposes that may arise, such as the newsletters, the school

website, marketing brochures, and/or the like. Additionally, this gives us permission to send these pictures to the conference office to be printed with stories in the Communique, Southern Tidings, and/or other conference publications.

For their protection, only students’ first names will be published outside of the school.



The “Administration of Medication Form” must be completed by a physician for a student to receive any medication (prescription or non-prescription) during school hours. These medications are kept in a secure location. Since we do not have a school nurse, all the school is allowed by law to administer, without a doctor’s note, is a band aid or ice.


Personal Property

ACE is not responsible for personal property left on premises.


Report Cards

Report cards will be sent to the custodial parent only unless otherwise requested by the custodial parent.


School Arrival and Dismissal

Drop off the students by driving to the front doors, under the overhang, and letting them out. Continue around the circle and out. Students are expected to begin the day by quietly preparing their things and entering their respective classrooms. Students should not be dropped off earlier than 7:40am.


For students to be picked up, parents need to “sign out” the students by initialing on the sign out sheet given by the teachers. Only people on the student’s approved pick up list (on file with the school) are allowed to pick up/sign out students. Students need to be picked up at 3:00pm.


School Hours

School begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm.


School Lunches

The school recommends a wholesome vegetarian diet for school lunches. It is requested that no meat or caffeinated drinks be brought. If meat is included in the lunch, however, it is vital to include only those which are advocated by the Bible. It is strongly recommended that sweets be omitted or limited to one. Soda is not allowed. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student to remember their lunch each day as we do not have supplies in case of a forgotten lunch.


A refrigerator and microwaves are provided.


When bringing in food to be shared for special occasions such as a birthday, it is imperative to include an ingredients list for all the items included in the meal.


School Telephone

The school telephone is provided for school business and must not be used by students except in emergencies and with permission from the teacher. Parents who find it necessary to call the school for either the child or teacher should try to do so before or after school.



Snow Days

In the event of inclement weather, particularly winter weather, the staff at ACE will notify parents of our school’s status for that day via texts, phone calls, and/or our Facebook page.



Visitors are required to let a teacher know they are present at the school upon arrival. No student should bring relatives or friends without prior approval from the classroom teacher and administration. These guests are to follow all school regulations.


The school is locked at all times.


Grievance Protocol

The ACE board has adopted the Georgia-Cumberland Conference K-12 Board of Education’s grievance procedure. The procedure is mindful of due process and founded on the Biblical principles of Matthew 18. Any questions regarding the fundamental philosophy and/or procedures prescribed should be directed to the Office of Education.


Parent/Teacher Complaint Procedure

1. Parent/Guardian is to make an appointment with the teacher individually, or as a family, to discuss the issue/complaint. Under no circumstances is the issue/complaint to be discussed with any other party.

2. If the complaint remains unresolved after Step 1, the unresolved complaint is to be taken to the school principal for the purpose of securing assistance in finding a resolution. A meeting among the three parties (principal, parent/guardian, and teacher) is to be held, with the principal chairing the meeting. The principal is to keep minutes of the meeting, including all relevant issues and/or agreements discussed. The minutes are to be reviewed by all parties prior to the completion of the meeting. Should the grievance involve the school principal as an administrator, the school board chair would serve as the facilitator and keep minutes. Should the principal be involved as an administrator, the Georgia-Cumberland Conference Office of Education is to be notified.

3. At each instance in which a complaint is registered, the teacher should have the right to address the complaint directly. If the complaint remains unresolved, then the complaint will be referred to the Executive Committee of the school board. At this point, the Office of Education is to be directly involved.

4. If, after the above steps prove unsuccessful, and the complaint remains unresolved, a final appeal of the issue can be made to the school board. In order to insure fairness, the teacher is to be present at this meeting. A representative from the Office of Education will be invited by the school board chair to participate in the discussion of the issues.

Should the parent/guardian be a member of the school board, he/she will remove him/herself from the decision-making process relative to the issue at hand. A final resolution of the complaint will be acted upon at this level. All parties are to be officially notified, in writing, of the school board’s decision.



Policies and Regulations


Acceptable Use Policy


Algood Christian Elementary offers Internet access for student use.  This document is the Acceptable Use Policy for your use at the school.  This Internet system has been established for a limited educational purpose to include classroom activities, career development, and limited high quality, self-discovery activities as well as research. It has not been established as a public access or public forum and Algood Christian Elementary has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material you access or post, the training you need to have before you are allowed to use the system, and enforce all rules set forth in the school code.  Further, you may not use this system for commercial purposes to offer, provide, or purchase products or services through the system or use the system for political lobbying.  Access to the Internet is available through this school only with permission of the administration or his or her designee and your parents.

You agree that the following uses of the PPA Internet are unacceptable:

1. Personal Safety

  • You will not post contact information (e.g., address, phone number) about yourself or any other person.
  • You will not agree to meet with someone you have met online without approval of your parents.  Any contact of this nature or the receipt of any message you feel is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable should be reported to school authorities immediately.

2. Illegal Activities

  • You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to this or any other computer system or go beyond your authorized access by entering another person’s account number or accessing another person’s files.
  • You will not deliberately attempt to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses, malware, unauthorized applications or by any other means.
  • You will not use our system to engage in any other illegal or immoral act, such as arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of a person, etc.

3. System security

  • You are responsible for your individual account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use your account.  Under no condition should you give your password to another person.
  • You will immediately notify a teacher or the system administrator if you have identified a possible security problem. Do not look for security problems; this may be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access.
  • You will not attempt to subvert, circumvent or bypass the measures in place to protect the network and system integrity of the school’s IS system such as attempting to elevate network account privilege level, disable or ‘hack’ the content filtering or other behavior deemed disruptive, damaging or against the intended purposes of the IS system.

4. Inappropriate Language

  • On any and all uses of the Internet, whether in application to public or private messages or material posted on the Web pages, you will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language.  You will not post information that could cause danger or disruption or engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.  You will not harass another person by a persistent action that distresses or annoys another person and you must stop if asked to do so.

5. Respect for Privacy

  • You will not repost a message that was sent to you privately without permission of the person who sent you the message.
  • You will not post private information about yourself or another person.

6. Respecting Resource Limits

  • You will use the system only for educational and career development activities and limited, high quality, self-discovery activities.  
  • You will not download large files unless you have been given permission to do so by the school administration and/or IS director.  If necessary, you will download the file at a time when the system is not being heavily used and immediately transfer the file from the system computer to your personal storage.
  • You will not post chain letters or engage in “spamming” (that is, sending an annoying or unnecessary message to a large number of recipients. You will subscribe only to high-quality discussion group mail lists that are relevant to your education or career development.

7.  Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

  • You will not plagiarize words that you find on the Internet.  Plagiarism is taking the ideas or writings of others and presenting them as if they were yours.
  • You will respect the rights of copyright owners.  Copyright infringement occurs when you inappropriately reproduce a work that is protected by copyright.  If a work contains language that specifies appropriate use of that work, you should follow the expressed requirements.  If you are unsure whether or not you can use a work, you should request permission from the copyright owner.  Direct any questions regarding copyright law to a teacher.

8.  Inappropriate Access to Material

  • You will not use the Algood Christian Elementary computer system to access material that is profane or obscene (pornography) or that advocates illegal acts or violence or discrimination toward other people (hate literature).  A special exception may be made for hate literature if the purpose of the access is to conduct research with both teacher and parental approval.
  • If you mistakenly access inappropriate information, you should immediately tell your teacher or another staff member.  This will protect you against a claim of intentional violation of this policy.
  • Your parents should instruct you if there is additional material they think would be inappropriate for you to access. The school fully expects that you will follow your parents’ instruction in this matter.

9.  Your Rights

  •  Free Speech.  Your right to free speech applies also to your communication on the Internet.  The Internet is considered a limited forum, similar to a school newspaper, and therefore the school may restrict your right to free speech for valid educational reasons.  The school will not restrict your right to free speech on the basis of its disagreement with the opinions you express.
  • Search and Seizure.  You should expect no privacy of the contents of your personal files on the school system. Routine maintenance and monitoring of the system may lead to discovery that you have violated this policy, the school code, or the law.  An individual search will be conducted if there is reasonable suspicion that you have violated this policy, the school disciplinary code, or the law.
  • Due Process.  The school will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation related to illegal activities conducted through the Algood Christian Elementary Internet system.  In the event of a claim that you have violated this policy, the school disciplinary code, or the law in your use of our system, you will be given written notice of suspected violations and an opportunity to present an explanation according to school code and/or state/provincial and federal law. Additional restrictions may be placed on your use of your Internet account.

The school makes no guarantee that the functions or the services provided by or through the system will be error free or without defect.  The school will not be responsible for any damage you may suffer including, but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service.  The school is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information attained through or stored on the system.  The school will not be responsible for financial obligations arising from unauthorized use of the system.

When you are using the system, it may feel like you can more easily break a rule and not get caught. This is not true. Electronic footprints are imprinted on the system whenever an action is performed.  Therefore, you are likely to be caught if you break the rules.
Anyone caught breaking these rules will be subjected to suspension or expulsion depending upon the severity of the infraction.


Behavior Expectations

Respect is one of the fundamentals of Christianity. Parents and students are expected to show proper respect at all times for God, their teachers, and the rights of others.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in harmony with the standards and spirit of the school at all times. This demands that a wholesome attitude must be maintained toward the school by parents and students.


The student is expected to exercise care that school property is never misused. Unless resulting from accidents in a legitimate activity, damages to school property will be charged to those responsible.


Profane and disrespectful language and/or physical aggression will not be tolerated.


All students accepted for school must refrain from the use of tobacco, alcoholic drinks of any kind, and other habit-forming drugs. A violation of this regulation will result in disciplinary action and may result in the expulsion of the student from school, whether the violation has been at school or elsewhere.


Any form of bullying (verbal, emotional, or physical) will not be tolerated.


Bullying, Shunning and/or Harassment

ACE administrators, teachers, staff, and students will strive to make our school a safe place for all. Because we value each student, a student or group of students MUST

NOT PARTICIPATE IN, OR ALLOW any act of direct or indirect bullying, shunning, and/or harassment which degrades, injures, threatens, or disgraces a student, staff member, and/or visitor to the campus. Bullying, shunning, and/or harassment includes jokes, teasing, gestures, rumor spreading, intimidation, threatening, any physical, verbal, cyber attack, or any such activity that is directed at a person’s race, religion, national origin, age, gender, possessions, abilities, physical features, or any other feature or characteristic of another individual. Cyber bullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student, staff member, or visitor by way of any technological tool, such as sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory email messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or website postings (including blogs).

Incidents of bullying, shunning, and/or harassment occurring during on-campus or off campus school-sponsored events are to be reported to the supervising teacher and administrator. As far as possible, every effort will be made to protect student identity, anonymity, and confidentiality. Confirmed incidents of bullying will result in disciplinary action. Neither reprisals nor retaliation shall occur as a result of the submission of a complaint. The terms “bullying” and “cyber-bullying” shall not be interpreted to infringe upon a student’s right to engage in legally protected speech or conduct.


Sexual Harassment

ACE administrators, teachers, staff, and students will strive to make our school a safe place for all. Because we value each student, a student or group of students MUST

NOT PARTICIPATE IN, OR ALLOW any act of direct or indirect sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment includes sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, physical, or cyber conduct or contact that by design or innuendo, is sexual in nature. This kind of behavior interferes with an individual’s ability to perform work or school assignments due to the intimidating and hostile environment that is created.

Incidents of sexual harassment occurring during on-campus or off-campus school-sponsored events are to be reported to the supervising teacher and administrator. As far as possible, every effort will be made to protect student identity, anonymity, and confidentiality. Confirmed incidents of sexual harassment will result in disciplinary action. Neither reprisals nor retaliation shall occur as a result of the submission of a complaint.


Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed on school grounds with students.




Dress Code

The following dress code takes affect in the 2012-2013 school year and stands for 5 years or until a population of 50 students is reached.



Tops:               Polo shirts (long or short sleeves)

                                    Approved colors: dark green, gray, navy, purple, red, pink

Bottoms:         Uniform shorts or uniform pants

                                    Approved colors: khaki or navy



Tops:               Polo shirts (long or short sleeves)

                                    Approved colors: dark green, gray, navy, purple, red, pink

Bottoms:         Uniform shorts, uniform pants, uniform scooters (built in shorts hidden under a skirt – see

                                    Approved colors: khaki or navy



Where to purchase:

ACE is registered with French Toast, an online uniform supplier. The approved styles and colors for our school can be viewed at their website. The embossed ACE logo can also be ordered through French Toast if you so desire. If you choose to order through French Toast, be sure you use the Source Code for our school (given at the time of inquiry, by administration).


If you choose to purchase from other sources, please make sure that your student is dressed according to the outlined dress code.


Field Trip T-shirts

ACE supplies field trip t-shirts which are to be worn during any field trip unless otherwise stated by the teachers. This aids in student safety and appearance. The cost of these t-shirts comes from part of the registration fee.


General dress guidelines

. Hair should be clean, neat, and well-groomed (above the collar, for boys)

. No unnatural-looking makeup or hair treatment

. No unnatural-looking nail polish

. No jewelry

. No oversized or ragged pants or shirts

. Pants and shorts are to be worn at the waist

. Hats and caps are not to be worn inside the school building

. Undergarments must not show through clothing

. Shoes must be close-toed, flat, and playground-safe

. Clothes must be kept tidy (cleaning and pressing) on a regular basis.


Students who receive five dress code infractions in any one semester will have a letter sent home from the Principal and may result in other disciplinary consequences.


Items Inappropriate for School

Items inappropriate for school include, but are not limited to:



-Toys unless otherwise stated by the teacher

-Books and/or magazines which are not in harmony with Biblical principles

-Any item which could be used in a dangerous or violent way (see Weapons Policy)

-Electronic devices, particularly cell phones (see Cell Phone policy), unless otherwise stated by the teacher


Policy Changes

The administration and board of ACE reserve the right to formulate and implement policies, rules, and regulations throughout the course of the year in order to assure the safe and appropriate operation of the school. Those policies will be equal in force.


Suspension Policy

Students are expected to comply with all the policies and standards established for ACE.

The school board reserves the right to suspend or expel any student who violates or deliberately disregards ACE’s policies and standards. The principal may invoke a suspension of not more than three (3) days or develop a behavior modification program (such as physical labor), with notification to parents and the school board chairperson. A second suspension will result in the student and parent meeting with the school board. There will be a minimum of a 5-day suspension when there is physical abuse to another student while on the campus, and a second offense will result in automatic expulsion.


Weapons Policy

Students shall not possess weapons, or dangerous instruments of any kind, on school grounds, in school buildings, or at any school-related or school-sponsored activities.


Weapons and dangerous instruments include, but are not limited to:

Firearms: pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, “zip guns,” “stun guns,” tasers, and/or any other device capable of propelling a projectile.

Cutting or puncturing devices, including: dirks, daggers, knives, disks with points or blades, or razors.


Explosive and/or incendiary devices: fireworks, pipe bombs, time bombs, cap guns, flammable liquids, and/or other hazardous devices.


Any instrument used for the purpose of inflicting harm or injury constitutes a weapon, for the purpose of this policy. Any school employee shall confiscate any device used as a weapon. Upon information that a student is suspected of violating this policy, the principal/head teacher shall notify the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). In case of firearms, explosive or incendiary devices, or knives with blades longer than three inches, the appropriate law enforcement officials shall be notified, and the student will be suspended/expelled.




Current Registration Fees and Tuition Rates


SDA Constituent

Registration: $400

Tuition: $315 per month


SDA Non-Constituent

Registration: $400

Tuition: $345 per month


Other Church Denominations

Registration: $400

Tuition: $395 per month



General Financial Information

-When families register their student(s) during early registration they will be paying half ($200) of the $400 Entrance Fee per student. The remaining balance of $200 plus August tuition will be due by the start of August prior to the first day of school. Families that register early in the spring will receive a certificate good for $50 off August’s tuition.

-Students without August’s tuition paid will be asked not to attend until it has been paid.

-Tuition must be paid promptly by the 5th of each month.

-If your account is 30 days in the rear, you have five business days to contact the school board chair to make financial arrangements, or on the 6th business day, your student(s) will not be allowed to attend.

-Student report cards, records, and transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations have been met.

-No student will be re-enrolled until all outstanding financial obligations have been resolved.

-Registration fees are collected for registration processing, insurance, yearbooks, library fees, testing materials, various other instructional materials, textbook rental, field trip t-shirt, and fieldtrips. These fees are non refundable.

-There is no multiple-student discount.

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