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Official School Dress Code


Blue Logo Shirts:

ACE supplies one navy blue logo shirt to each student at the first of the year.  There will be times when the students are asked to wear their blue logo shirt and khaki bottoms (i.e.: for a special field trip or music performance).  The cost of the logo shirt is covered in the registration fee.


Field Trip Shirt:

ACE supplies one field trip shirt.  Other shirts can be ordered through the school or by visiting our website.  The field trip shirts are to be worn during any field trip-unless otherwise stated by the teachers.  This aides in student safety and appearance.  The cost of the field trip shirt is covered in the registration fee.


Dress Code:

The following dress code is in effect until after the 2022-2023 school year.  At that time it can be revisited by the school board.



Tops:             Polo shirts (long or short sleeves)
                      Approved colors: dark green, gray, navy, purple, red, light pink



Bottoms:        Uniform shorts or uniform pants
                      Approved colors: navy or khaki



Bottoms:        Uniform shorts, uniform pants, or uniform skirts/skorts, capris, jumpers, polo dresses
                      Approved colors: navy or khaki


ACE is registered with French Toast, an online uniform supplier.  Our school code is QS5ARXG.  The approved styles and colors for our school are listed below.  The embossed ACE logo can also be ordered through French Toast.  If you order through French Toast, be sure to use the source code listed above.


If you choose to purchase from other sources, please make sure that your student is dressed according to the outlined dress code and all clothes match the style and colors below.



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